Meet the President and Founder of Fur and Tails Animal Rescue

Introduction to Carri, the Team and the Facilities

Our Facilities

Current Needs ​for our Locations- CLICK HERE

Fur and Tails Animal Rescue has a farm location in Fort Myers, Florida.  Here Dogs, Cats, Kittens, Puppies, and Farm Animals are cared for.    This is a working farm that gives the residents as close to a home environment as possible.   With paddocks, barns, pens for farm animals and kennels or cat rooms for dogs and cats it's the main location for animal care.   Please see our list of needs for this location above as we are still recovering from the damage from Hurricane Irma.

There is also a Meet and Greet location in Estero, Florida.  Here prospective adoptive families and pets can get to know each other in a more calm centralized location.  This location is also used to segregate quarantined animals who are new the rescue or as a relaxing recovery space after surgery or injury.

Erica - Vice President

Erica has been involved in animal care her whole life.  As Carri's daughter, she's been an active contributor and is dedicated to the welfare and care of all animals.  She also uses her entertainment talents for fundraising and to help bring awareness to animals in need. 

Carri - President and Founder

If you ask Carri's parents, they'll tell you she's been helping animals in need  her whole life.  From bringing home pets that needed help and a home to helping animals in the wild.   Only in the last 4 years has she been able to live her life long dream of having a facility for pets and animals in need.  She had a vision of a place where sick, injured, abused and other hard to adopt pets could heal and live in a safe, loving environment.  Where they could be cared for and eventually placed in fur-ever homes.   She's dedicated her life to this cause and loves each animal as if it's her own, providing much of the funding herself.